Mission and values

Our future needs culture, so we must ensure that our culture has a future


Starting afresh together from culture

In our country, everything is tied to history and culture: the landscape, archaeology, cities and villages. Investing in culture means taking charge of our cultural heritage.
It means restoring it to public enjoyment and awareness that is increasingly broad, with significant social and economic repercussions.


Culture and business strategies, for a sustainable future

Sustainability is now an integral part of business strategies and guides companies’ objectives and investments in an increasingly systematic manner. Italy, with its immense cultural heritage and the strong bonds between local communities and their historical roots, represents a unique laboratory in which to experiment new sustainability policies inspired by cultural awareness.


Technology and research at the service of places of culture

Digital transformation contributes to the perception of culture as a shared, inclusive and more accessible resource, connected to a sustainable development model. Through new technologies, places of culture can be enhanced in an innovative way, fostering collaboration between technology companies and operators in the cultural sector.